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Car Window Clings

Car Window Clings
Car Window Clings 1 Car Window Clings 2 Car Window Clings 3
Specification Learn More
Material Static Cling
Size Custom
Finishing Types Lamination: N/A
Coating: N/A
Features Custom Die-cut Shapes
Multiple Designs
Optional Transparent Background
Other Options Face Static
Both Side Printed
Printing on Backer
Extended Backer
SKU# SC-002

Automobile & Car Window Clings

If you want to use car window clings for advertising purposes then you are surely making the right choice. When placed with this elegant window decal, your car acts as a moving billboard for your business. Using clings on car windows is the most efficient and newest marketing technique which is stylish and effective. Custom car window clings are usually preferred when a unique kind of advertisement has to be done.

Due to their elegance along with cost efficiency, auto window clings are preferred by world class marketers and advertisers. The clings are non adhesive stickers so they do not make your car window messy when they are taken off. They adhere to glass windows with the help of static charge. This means that no sticky residue is left on your vehicle’s window even after the removal of this sticker. To help you in staying up to date by following new trends Printingblue offers economical printing solutions.

We offer premium quality car window cling printing at rates that do not hurt your pockets. You can choose from opaque or transparent backgrounds for your static cling car decals. A solid background will give a strong base to your sticker however a clear one will come with the benefit of being able to see through. If you are interested in getting these removable decals printed for your next promotional campaign then get in touch with one of our customer support executives today! We offer full customization options to perfectly fit your needs.

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