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Double Side Static Clings

Double Side Static Clings
Double Side Static Clings 1 Double Side Static Clings 2 Double Side Static Clings 3
Specification Learn More
Material Static Cling
Size Custom
Finishing Types Lamination: N/A
Coating: N/A
Features Custom Die-cut Shapes
Multiple Designs
Optional Transparent Background
Other Options Face Static
Both Side Printed
Printing on Backer
Extended Backer
SKU# SC-006

Double Sided Static Cling Decals

The double side static clings are special stickers which are printed on both sides. They are printed for pasting on to a glass surface in order to be readable from both sides. They are often printed with company’s name with PUSH written on one side and PULL on the other for use on glass doors. The other uses of double side decals include storefront windows/doors, glass refrigerator doors, automobile windows, office windows etc.

The double sided static clings serve as a very effective advertising tool for various companies. They are adhesive free and adhere firmly to the glass surface. They are manufactured only for indoor usage. They help you to get your message across in a dynamic way. These pressure sensitive decals are very easy to install and remove. These stickers have the quality of grabbing a potential customer's attention at a glance.

We print your double side cling decals using high quality UV ink so that they don’t fade off and always look fresh and elegant. They do not lose their magnetic power even after prolonged use. We print them using the latest printing equipments to ensure 100% standards. If you have more questions or queries, please feel free to contact one of our customer care representatives, who are on duty 24/7 to respond to all your queries.

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